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Item Specification 7. operator's control box 15. swinging traverse 23. roller chain 1/2 x 5/16 inch – 10S

8. box cover 16. swing-out brush 24. safety cover lateral left/right
1. box sheet left 9. scattering roll 17. vibrating screen (triple) 25. main switch
2. box sheet right 10. needle tape 18. swinging lever compl. 26. emergency STOP
3. traverse 11. magnetic valve 19. swing-out brush motor 27. operation ON
4. dust sheet rear 12. lifting cylinder RA 8050/M100 20. diving rod compl. 28. STOP-Reset
5. dust sheet front 13. magnetic switch 21. funnel limit 29. automatic START
6. powder funnel 14. doctor blade 0,3 mm 22. rooller motor KZ2143-00029 30. Touch Panel ESA




IMATEP, Mod. 2004

in the working width:

1800 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 4500 und 5000 mm

The welded steel sheet construction comprises the bearings of the powder transfer needle roller, of the swing-out brush and of the powder funnel. The side boxes are connected to the powder funnel (material stainless steel).

The various drive motors are arranged in the side box. The operator's control box serves at the same time as door for the access to the side box.

The powder funnel has 2 manually, infinitely adjustable side limits. By means of these side limits the working width can be set from min. 500 mm up to max. working width.

The bottom part of the powder funnel has 2 doctor blade wipers. The main doctor blade wipes off the various types of powder so that the gaps in the transfer needle roller are exactly filled up. The rear wiper doctor blade takes care that no powder is falling on the wrong side of the transfer needle roller. In case the powder funnel has powder filling level control, these indicators can be used for the control of a powder conveying system and/or for an optical/acoustical alarm system. By its rotation the transfer needle roller takes along the wiped off powder between the needles. By changing the RPM of this roller the application weight is set. This RPM of the roller can be synchronized with the web speed (refer to selector AUT./MAN. at operator’s control box). The drive of the transfer needle roller is made by a frequency controlled gear motor. The swing-out brush cleans horizontally the transfer needle roller from the powder. From there the powder falls on one (or several) perforated sheets below the swing out brush and is every applied to the passing web. The swing-out brush has got an optimal set-up before delivery of the equipment. The gap between swing out brush and transfer needle roller has been set and does not require any subsequent changes in normal operation. If for any reason whatsoever a re-set is required a detailed description of the re-set procedure can be supplied. The swing-out brush is driven by a motor and eccentric cam.


By this control box with Touch-Panel ESA the scattering machine can be started and run in production operation or in single operation. Electronic control "SIMATIC 300-Station / CPU"

It is clear that by this control system only electrically/electronically controllable and/or adjustable parameters are activated and set correspondingly – just as selected at the operator’s control box. Chosen parameters can be deposited and recalled when necessary for reproduction.


An important accessories / option program is available for the client:

  • Ionisation EP-SH-N + mains adapter A2C7S
  • Ionisation EP-SH-N + mains adapter A2C7S (remote ON/OFF)
  • Minimum level indicator
  • Powder funnel cover (lose, not fixed)
  • Powder funnel cover (pneumatic spring)
  • Powder funnel cover (bellow type BHF)
  • Powder trolley complete incl. drive
  • Powder conveying device SFG3
  • Powder conveying device SFG6
  • Filling Silo with automatic powder conveyor system by screw, mechanical system
  • Dust exhaust unit type KOF 1801 (S/F) (**)
  • Dust exhaust unit type KOF 1801 (S/F/DH) (**)
  • Bridge breaker / butterfly shaft

(**) S/F = plug-in, DH = pressure increase

Also phenol-, corundum- or granulate scattering machines can be delivered in the same working widths on demand