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HOTMELT - Application System FINE-LINER

The new fold-back application heads from IMATEP® S.A. make continuous and intermittent Hotmelt adhesive application with a minimal distance from the middle of the fold-back to the next middle of the fold-back from 2 mm minimum possible (picture 1.) The application is contactless to the substrate with a nozzle distance to the substrate of 0,5 to 1 mm (picture 2.). The system is suitable for the processing of EVA, reactive PUR- and dispersion adhesives with a maximal viscosity of 15’000 minipascal and a processing temperature of up to 180°C. Depending on several parameters it is possible to reach application weights from 6 to 200 gr/m2 with production speeds up to 100 m/min. The application heads are available as single modules with application widths from 50 to 500 mm. For larger working widths up to 5000 mm several modules will be combined to one balk. By this coupling no additional free zones of adhesive and no overlap of adhesive will arise (picture 4). The supply of the system with the adhesive is handled by the drum-melter of 200 Ltr. combined by a heated hose to a buffer-tank of 45 Ltr. The buffer-tank is equipped with up to four gear-pumps combined with up to four heated hoses supplying the adhesive to the four distributor blocks. The several application modules will be supplied from these distributor blocks (picture 3.) A simple exchange of the application template in the nozzle guide gibs (picture 5) allows the distance of the fold-backs and the application weights of the adhesives to vary quickly and at low costs.

Essential advantages with high flexibility:
  • Contactless application system to the substrate
  • Absolutely regular application weight (coating picture) on the whole working width (approx. 5% tolerance)
  • Adjusted adhesive application without air pressure and therefore saving energy.
  • Jointless passage between the heads, no overlapping of the adhesive, no additional free zones of adhesive
  • Nozzle plate with quick change attachment.
  • By using templates, the distances between middle of the fold-back to the next middle of fold-back as well as the weight of application can be changed.
  • The application of different kinds and types of adhesives is possible.
  • As additional equipment an adhesive controlling system can be installed.
  • As peripherical equipment the system needs a melting unit of 200 Ltr. and a buffer-tank of 45 Ltr. in non-stop production as well as heated hoses between the units.


The same system can be delivered as HOTMELT Application System with holohedral coating. The coating is also contactless to the substrate. It is also possible to make alteration in changing the FINE-LINER in a holohedral coating by changing the nozzle guide gibs. The other components remain unchanged (changing time about 2 hours). The eventually needed bigger quantities of adhesive could be handled with a bigger buffer-tank of 65 or 80 Ltr. All other components remain unchanged.


The nozzle guide gibs can be cleaned with a special steel brush and a textile duster. When working with reactive PUR- Hotmelts, if the production must be stopped for a long time, the whole system has to be completely rinsed with a special cleaner before stopping the installation.

hotmelt schema